Thursday, 12 February 2015

Poetic Analysis

Name: Soh Kai Le and Rachelle
Group Theme: Neighbours by Alfian Sa'at

Name of Poem:
The Neighbours
Name of Poet:
Alfian Sa’at
Date of Publication:
Other relevant background info:
In 1998, Alfian published his first collection of poetry, One Fierce Hour at the age of twenty-one.

Form of poem:
Consonance and Assonance
Structure of poem:
Free Verse
Rhyme Scheme:
There isn’t a rhyme scheme as this poem is written in a free verse format.


Overall Meaning:
The poem is about distrust within our neighbourhood
How the poem relates to in general, and/or my life
Long ago my parents told me that when they were young there was no need to lock their doors because everyone in the neighbourhood trusted each other but now our homes are always locked because we don’t think it is safe to leave it unlocked.

Figurative Language and Poetic Techniques:

Device/ Technique
Meaning / Significance
once hear her scream she wanted to kill herself
She is too stressed out
“knocks on my conscience”
She makes the writer feel guilty

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