Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Haozhi's Journal Promt

The most suspenseful movie I have watched would have to be Mobile Suit Gundam 00 the Movie: A Wakening of the Trailblazer. The most suspenseful part of the movie was when the Gundam(A Large Robot) tried to enter the core of the aliens nest. I remember thinking what was going to happen... Was the Gundam going to get destroyed? Was it going to past through safely? I didn't know. All I knew was that the Gundam wasn't going in so easily...

Journal Prompt, ShuHui

The most suspenseful movie I had watched was The Maze Runner where the main character woke up and had found himself in a maze. The most suspenseful part was that the main character had entered the maze when the gate to the maze was about to close. With one maze runner who got stung by the Grievers, the main character was stuck in the maze and the other runner ran away. It was fortunate that the main character united together with the other runner after being separated instead of being dead or stung by the Grievers.

The suspenseful movie that I watched was Big Hero Six. One of the most suspenseful parts of the movie is the part where one of the characters "Baymax", gave up his life just to save another character "Hero's" life. I did not know whether Baymax will still be alive or not, making it very in suspense.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Journal Prompt - Thea

A suspenseful movie that I have watched is called 'Wreck it Ralph'. 

In the middle of the movie, the characters had anticipated that their game world would be destroyed by some enemy Cy-bugs that reproduced and populated the 'Sugar Rush' world and was on the verge to destroying their worlds. 
Together, Ralph and his friends help restore the memories of the citizens of 'Sugar Rush' and bring back peace to their games.

Journal Prompt_Aidan Lee

The most suspenseful movie I have watched would have to be Interstellar as the main character flies into space, knowing that the time warp would cause him to age very slowly, slow enough for his daughter to grow older than him. He then tries to fly into a black hole to try to turn back time. This suspenseful moment sets the audience wondering whether he might be able to survive or if he will die

Journal Prompt, Xavier

The most suspenseful book I had read is "THE KINGDOM OF FANTASY". The most suspenseful part is when the person been to a place he had never before.

Journal Prompt, Deon Foo

The most memorable suspense scene I ever watched was in the TV series Lego Ninjago:Masters of Spinjitzu. The scene was when the villain had taken over the city and all the plans to stop it had failed. One of the ninja then sacrificed himself in order to save the city. I was concerned for the wellbeing of the ninja. It was saddening that he died protecting the city.

Journal prompt, Jane

The most suspenseful part of my favourite movie, The Maze Runner, the when Tomas and the other runner ran into the maze, they had to hide from the grievers and it almost stung them. it created suspense because it was a quick scene and they were very scared to get out of the maze and away from the grievers.

Journal Prompt_Yew Khang

A suspenseful movie that I have watched is Maze Runner. I think the most suspenseful part was when the main character ran into the maze to save a person which was bitten and lasted one night in the maze fighting the monsters that had bitten the person. As the maze closes its doors at a certain time, those that are trapped in the maze when the doors are closed are sure to die in it. However, the main character ran into the maze when the door was about to close and survived a night in the maze. I though that he would not survive like the rest of the people but he did and he helped the people trapped in the maze to get out of it.

Journal prompt,Kai Le

A suspenseful book i have read is the son of neptune written by rick riordan. The most suspenseful part was the ending of the book.
It was a greek warship entering roman territory i was concerned that what will the romans do shoot it down or let it pass.

Journal Prompt - Jun Yi

The title of the movie that created a suspense is called “The 3 Idiots”.  The most suspenseful part for me would be the part that the student said that he was not himself, and he was the servant of the real student. The real student didn’t want to go to school and therefore asked the servant to substitute him. I was really curious and thought that the servant might be a prisoner. In the end, we found out that he was an inventor and loves to invent new things. When we found out that he was an inventor, it surprised most of us as we did not expect him to be an famous inventor. I enjiyed the movie really much as it was exciting and thrilling.

Journal prompt, Darren

A suspenseful movie that i had watched was "The Crooks".The most suspenseful part was when the whole island was gonna explode and the head of the family was very strong, so he threw all of his family members into the other side of the island, which was safe, leaving himself on the island that was about to explode.What caused me to be concerned on what might happens when the other family members were crying and there were a lot of smoke so they could not see him anymore.

Journal Prompt,Desmond Wong

The most suspenseful part of my favourite movie, The Purge: Anarchy was when they broke into the house and started killing each other. Although the scene was meant to be fighting it was mostly a hide and seek game but was keeping everyone in great suspense. Thankfully, the killer died but there was the last minute climax which got everyone off their seats, there was a betrayal, which surprised some of us. Thus making the movie fun , showing that anything is possible
Journal Prompt
I remember about a movie that i have watched that caused me to have a suspense and make me excited about what would happen next.The movie is called Big Hero 6.I think that the most suspenseful part about this story is when nearing to the end,the professor's daughter was stuck in the portal and the main character,Hiro and Baymax went into the portal to save her.But halfway, Baymx's armour is damaged and he cannot fly.I was concerned that both Hiro and Baymax would die,along with the professor's daughter. 

Week 7 Follow up activity

A suspenseful moment was from an anime series I have watched was One Piece. The pirate crew of the main protagonist were trapped in very hard wax made from an the enemy as the enemy had eaten a fruit that gave him power to create wax out of nothing. While the crew were trapped, there was a lot of wax that was melting above them that would fall onto them and make them encased in wax and they would die. Their leader, Luffy had to rescue them but the enemy was trying to throw wax at him to stop him from moving and Luffy had to defeat the enemy quickly so that he could rescue his friends.

Journal Prompt

One of the suspenseful movies I have watched was Die Hard.

The suspenseful part was the head of the villain was seen holding John's wife watch, dangling of the building and pulling her down. I did not know wether the villain would drop down the building by himself or pull John's wife with him, for John and his wife were the good guys and I wanted them to live.

Journal Prompt

         The most suspenseful part when I read a book was a the climax. Like every other books, the climax will most likely make the reader seat at the edge of the chair having a feeling of suspense and anticipation about what will happen next to the person. For me, the most suspenseful part was when the main charactor was about to get killed. It made my jaws locked together tight wondering what will happen to her, is she going to get killed, escape or get rescued?

journal prompt

i had read a very interesting and suspenseful book named artemis fowl , i think the most suspenseful part is when he was about to be nuked for stealing some fairy gold and there is no way for him to escape due to a time field, it was very suspenseful as he always came up with cunning ideas to evade danger and i cannot see how he was going to escape that danger.(in the end, he escaped by simply falling asleep, please read the book if you want to know more)

Suspenseful Momment In a Book

A suspenseful moment when I was reading a book was in The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. Bilbo Baggins and company were in Smaug's lair. Bilbo, who was a light-footed Hobbit was sent to retrieve the Arkenstone  for Thorin and the other Dwarves. Bilbo accidentally awakens Smaug the dragon and the company is forced to battle with the dragon. The Dwarves managed to cover the dragon in smelted gold and the dragon seemed  to be vanquished. The dragon manages to come out the melted gold as it does not harden in time and the dragon flies through the mountains opening and proceeds to attack the nearby village.

Journal Prompt, Emmanuel Cheng

The most suspenseful moment in the show Battleship was when the the alien mothership fire a lot of rounds to the USS Missouri, which would most likely be sunk if it is hit so any times. It gives the viewers the suspense of what the officer-in-charge would do in order to avoid the situayion

Journal Prompt Adam - Suspense

I was watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1 and the part that was the most suspenseful was when at the end of Part 1 , Voldemort acquired the Elder wand and laughed menacingly while the sky was thundering and had lots of lighting. Then the movie just ended on a cliffhanger and then it would continue from Part 1. Since he now had the most powerful wand in that story , he would be able to kill Harry Potter. This left me and the audience at the cinema thinking about what might happen in the next part.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Poetic Analysis

Name: Soh Kai Le and Rachelle
Group Theme: Neighbours by Alfian Sa'at

Name of Poem:
The Neighbours
Name of Poet:
Alfian Sa’at
Date of Publication:
Other relevant background info:
In 1998, Alfian published his first collection of poetry, One Fierce Hour at the age of twenty-one.

Form of poem:
Consonance and Assonance
Structure of poem:
Free Verse
Rhyme Scheme:
There isn’t a rhyme scheme as this poem is written in a free verse format.


Overall Meaning:
The poem is about distrust within our neighbourhood
How the poem relates to in general, and/or my life
Long ago my parents told me that when they were young there was no need to lock their doors because everyone in the neighbourhood trusted each other but now our homes are always locked because we don’t think it is safe to leave it unlocked.

Figurative Language and Poetic Techniques:

Device/ Technique
Meaning / Significance
once hear her scream she wanted to kill herself
She is too stressed out
“knocks on my conscience”
She makes the writer feel guilty

Poetry Analysis

Sorry for the late submission, the internet overloaded and crashed at my house yesterday, sorry... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HHHmbapWrAj7LlsPIjaz4NbyMKa2iOSMe45vYVvNx68/edit?usp=sharing Done By Desmond And Yun Chuan

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Poetic analysis- Shu Hui and Sarvesh


Poetry Analysis - Gabriel and Deandra


Poetry analysis by Hengxu, Zhi Heng and Yak Hng

Introduction :
Name of poem
Name of poet
By Alfian Sa’at
Date of publication
Background information about poet
Alfian bin Sa'at is a Singaporean writer, poet and playwright. He is a Muslim of Minangkabau, Javanese and Hakka descent. He is known for his provocative works and is often referred to as his country's enfant terrible.

Form :
Form of poem
Structure of poem
10 stanzas with 2 lines each stanza
Rhyme scheme
Free verse

Overall meaning
about his neighbour whom he described as a mother with no shame and does not cherish her own life.
This poem suggests that we humans should cherish our own lives and be responsible as the mother in the poem does not spend time with her kids. He wrote that his neighbour’s kids’ studies aren't good at all; the elder one is in normal academic studies and the younger one can’t even spell her own name, because the mother does not even help them, yet beat them for not studying enough when it is her own fault in the first place. She can’t bake well and the author throws the sweets she gives him away, probably because he had tasted it and must taste bad. She sometimes scream out loud that she wanted to kill herself probably because of stress.
How the poem relates to life in general, and/or my life
It relates that we as humans should cherish our lives and take responsibility for our action and not to blame people and not take actions to help.

Figurative Language and Poetic Techniques

Free verse
The entire poem
Line 1 and 2, line 13 and 14, line 17 and 18
Each night we slam the bolt shut
I once hear her scream she wanted to kill herself

Poem Analysis by Jun Yi and Keanan


Neighbours Poetry Analysis by Yew Khang & Joy

Poetry Analysis

Name: Yew Khang, Joy
Group Theme:Neighbours

Name of Poem
Name of Poet
Alfian Sa’at
Date of publication
Other relevant background information
Birthday - 18 July 1977 (age 38)
Occupation - Playwright, Poet, Writer

Form of Poem
Dramatic Monologue
Structure of Poem
There are ten stanzas in the poem. Each stanza has 2 lines.
Rhyme Scheme

Overall Meaning
About a troublesome neighbour that the writer has. The neighbour’s family behaves oddly and the writer feels somewhat troubled.
How the poem relates to life in general, and/or my life
The poem is about the writer’s neighbours’ awkward behavior. This may relate to real life as we all have neighbours. Our neighbours may behave like the neighbours in the poem, and their odd ways trouble us.

Figurative Language and Poetic Techniques

During Hari Raya she knocks on my conscience.
It means that the author’s neighbour would always disturb the author during Hari Raya.



The Grinch Song - Adam , Jane

Link to Google Doc --> https://docs.google.com/a/s2015.sst.edu.sg/document/d/1Rv9repOMg01ROXbh-6DhclXG_dxkmbOJKg3-WjpCJLw/edit?usp=sharing

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Blackout Poem (The affairs)

The affair , there is so much empty boasting
able to be conducted by mechanical brains,
or by other equally dispassionate robots.
Stones of the Kremlin rejoice more especially
in countries whose way of life represents human
dignity and the Workers' Paradise.

(Sorry! I forgot to blackout 'Advertiser'!)

Never Forget (Blackout Poem)

Never Forget
By Aidan

It was an emotional day,
friends and family have passed on.
The doors were opened.
The young people
can remember what it was like
for the people who were captured.
We must never forget.
What you see is what you had,
never forget because of the memories of friends and mates lost

Birth of a family Blackout poem

A new group,
A consistent way.
one object,
the new family