Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A time when I brave my fears

It was a time not long ago and it was still etched in my mind. I remembered the incident very clearly and I can even visualise it when I close my eyes. During the June school holidays when I was Primary 4, I went to Universal Studio, Singapore, with my friends. It was my first time going there and I was as excited as a flower about to bloom, yet feeling very anxious simultaneously. We had our lunch after a few thrilling rides. That was when my friend dared me with an evil smile to take the scariest ride, the Battlestar Galactica. When I heard it, I nearly fainted. There was no way that I would ride it! I was even scared just looking at it.However, the teasing of my friend boiled me and soon I was in the seat of the roller coaster. The ride soon started and for a moment I knew I shouldn’t have agreed. But before I can say anything, the ride started and soon I was screaming away in fear as the roller coaster plunged down at full speed. My heart leaped out and I felt sick. Soon, the ride finished and I came out giddy, wobbling on my legs. As soon as I felt better, I started chasing my friend.

A time when I persevered and was successful

During Primary 3 , I was brought on a school trip to East Coast Park. It was to play at the playground there as a reward for doing well in exams. I only played on the seesaw and swing as the other equipments were really tall and we had to climb them. I was afraid of heights at the time and I didnt want to climb the Jungle Gym. All my friends were climbing it and I was the only one left alone at the base of the Jungle Gym. I was as still as a stone at the base of it , standing in the shadow of its grandeur. I soon mustered up the courage to scale the giant and started to climb up. I heard the cheers of my friends at the peak of the gym and I climbed faster. Time really flew as I had fun climbing it and in no time I was at the top with my friends patting me on the back , congratulating me for overcoming my fear. I felt as proud as a peacock and then decided to scale downwards.. Then I realised it was less scary climbing up than it was climbing down.

A time when I persevered and was successful

It was almost over , PSLE was coming.For the past field  day i have been working like an ant.Tirelessly trying to revise at the eleventh hour.I had been staying up to burn the midnight oil at was listless at school some of the time.During PSLE i had thoughts fly through my mind at the speed of light, formulas and definitions came to me easily.During the day that i had collected the results, i had butterflies in my stomach but the feeling dissipated when i received a result that i had anticipated greatly

Monday, 27 April 2015

A Time When I Persevered And Was Successful

Well, let's consider this first:  None of us were born to study, right?

As a daughter from a not so privileged family background, my family members did not do so well academically, and I could not always rely on my parents, as knowledge was limited. There was a time in which both of my parents were not working and there was no primary source of income. Our future was at risk. All that were my parents' hope was for me to study hard and earn money to sustain the family. That seemed like an almost impossible job, especially for a child, only 7 years old. Since young, I never had the opportunity unlike other children nowadays to enroll in tuition classes, study with strangers whom I have never met before and associate with them to form great relationships, and had never almost anyone to rely on, except myself. I always had to study under harsh conditions, as my old house was really cramped and there was only a small little fan that we had to share.

I was always criticised as "poor" in primary school, whether physically, mentally or socially. I always lagged behind and was a burden to almost everyone. Except for one, which was my Primary One Form teacher. She was patient, kind and caring. Seeing my state, all alone during group projects, she approached me and told me about my wonderful future, if I were to work hard. Her lovely voice and the words that came out of it inspired me, touched my heart, and gave me the spark to the ignition of my dream… She always told me that if I dared to dream, put my heart and soul to fulfilling it, it would eventually come true, no matter who I was, and how disadvantaged I was compared to other students.

One day, a thought hit me. If my life was just to keep being insulted and picked at, what's the point of living? I had the stupid thought of ending my life, which was ridiculous and foolish for myself to do it. I thought... "What if, I was to change my life and be a child who cares about my studies? Imagine what it would be to take on that life...for a day?" If I were to end my life, I would let my parents down, my younger sister and lastly, my teacher who cared so much for me.

I followed my dream.

My dream was to study hard, not to let my parents down, and to search for a better future. The first step was to teach myself Grade 1 spelling. With the help of my parents and my Form teacher, and after many spelling tests, failures and mistakes, I had finally gotten a full mark for spelling, and learnt how to read and write properly.

Through the never-ending encouragements from my family and teacher, I decide to further pursue my dream, to reach a further goal... To work hard for my studies and my future…

Although there were ups and downs, I still clinged onto my dream, even if it was about to slip out of my hands.

5 years passed so fast, that I could barely remember how I first started on my quest. The obstacles were my failures and I was about to give up, as I had not the knowledge other students who had guidance had, and the fading interest to study. But I thought. No one was born to be perfect, to study and all those were habits, slowly cultivated to form the people today. Without the foundations, the goal of a student of today would not have been reached.

PSLE was around the corner, and all of the students in my level, including myself, was getting nervous.

Being promoted to the first class in my Primary school, life was... stressful. But I believe without the tremendous preparations and stressing from the teachers, a good result would not be accomplished. I am who I am because of them, my family and my teacher.

As the saying goes, "Patience is a bitter plant but bears sweet fruits.” Patience is the thought of holding on to a dream, and waiting for it to happen, while working hard on it. Perseverance is the action in which we not giving up despite tremendous failures and continuous pursuit on our dreams. After hard work, comes success and a great outcome. Also, "Perseverance is at our first try, and if we don’t succeed, try and try again, and one day, we shall succeed.” Though my life was full of failures and mistakes, the spirit in me that encourages me and tells me to keep going on still burns on.

Sometimes, on my way to my Secondary School, I would always pass by my Primary School, and that familiar face would greet me, grinning from ear to ear. And she spoke, “I knew you could do it,”...

A time where I persevered and was successful

During P6 Camp, I went to Sentosa to try the High Elements There. It was 6 stories high, and very tall. Everyone was given a chance to try. I had butterflies in my stomach as my name was called. When I stepped on the rope, it felt as if 10 men were jumping on it. My legs were trying to stabilize as i climbed inch by inch through the course. There was literally NO SUPPORT for me to grasp on to, I was encouraged by my friends  who were trying to cheer me on. I was scared to death by the height, but I persevered and manage to complete the course. The end was very satisfying and sucuessful.

A time when I persevered and was successful

It was in Primary Five when I saw my first air-pistol competition on the television. I was envious at how the shooters could should the pellets right into the bullseye. My mother saw me staring at the television screen and told me I could try air-pistol after the Primary School Leaving Examinations. I was disappointed but I still kept my hopes up. At Secondary 1, at the beginning of April, my mum told me that I could take up air-pistol lessons at the nearby Home Team NS and I was so excited that I jumped for joy and thanked my parents. I had to go through a three day selection camp to see if I could really start practising air-pistol. At the end, I found out that I was good in both air-pistol and air-rifle but ultimately chose air-pistol. After three practices and five near-bullseye, I was getting better at air-pistol. I reloaded the pistol and took a deep breath. I slowly pulled the trigger and when the time was right, I pulled it completely and the pellet went flying into the target paper. Pulling back the target paper, I was utterly surprised when I found out I had hit a bullseye. After practice, I voiced to  my parents about what I did and told me to keep up the good work. I was overall delighted about my progress and I could not wait for my next practice. 

A time when I persevered and was successful

When I was younger, I've always wanted a handphone. I constantly bugged my parents to get them to buy me a handphone. One day, they decided to hand me my brother's old phone. Though I was happy I finally got a phone, I was not satisfied. I wanted one that was more advance, one that had touchscreen features and things like that. One day, a week or two before exams, my parents made a promise with me. If I got good results, I would get the chance to decide the phone I wanted to get. So, to achieve such results, I started studying and revising day and night, making sure that I knew everything like the back of my hand. Throughout the examination period, I wasn't nervous but instead, I was confident. Confident to get good results, confident to get the phone I really wanted. When the results came out, I was grinning from ear to ear. My results were fantastic. Though I had always been academically inclined, I was up against the best in my school. That year, I came out as one of the top students in the level. My parents, as promised, got me the HTC Sensation XE that I really wanted. The first time I held my phone in my hands, I could almost cry out of hapiness.

A time when I persevered and was successful

During my primary 4 end of year holidays, I went to Sentosa for a short break. My cousins also joined us for that short trip of 5 to 6 days. On one of the days, we were brought by my mother to try the flying fox. I did not know how it would feel like because I was the only one who had not tried it before. When I got up, I was scared out of my wits, i did not know that we would be 'floating' in the air. When it was my turn, I felt butterflies in my stomach and was really nervous that I might fall while taking the ride. However, my family members cheered me on and encouraged me and finally, I gave it a try and it was really fun and I overcame my fears of falling of only because of my family members continuous support.

A Time When I Persisted And Was Able To Turn The Long-held Dream Into Reality

It was a few years ago when I first started cycling. I remember the first time I took off on a two-wheeled bicycle on my own. I zoomed around the neighbourhood, with a big grin plastered on my face. Though I picked up the new skill, it was not easy learning. Father would push me around on the wobbly four-wheel bicycle and then remove one of the training wheels so that the bicycle had three wheels. After the "training sessions", he was often dripping with beads of perspiration and I, was left in tears, finding it too hard to even cycle on three wheels. One day, as I was over at my friends house with my parents, she mentioned cycling and brought me out to show me that she could cycle by herself-on a two-wheeled bicycle! I was filled with envy and wanted to prove that I could do it too. I mustered all my courage, took a deep breath and got on the bicycle. As I used strength to push down on the pedal, my mind filled with a thousand thoughts and my heart began racing. I had absolutely no idea what happened. I began to panic and my legs moved in a continuous movement to try to balance myself. And... I was cycling! I was actually cycling! The glory and sense of achievement felt was like winning the Olympics, or so I would imagine. My friend's dad exclaimed ecstatically,"Jane can cycle!" My parents were flabbergasted and turned around. They were in awe and their jaws dropped. Proud of me, they gave a round of applause. The next moment, boom! I had crashed. Although it did not turn out "as pretty as I thought it would have", I persisted and never gave up, turning my long-held cycling dream into a reality.

A time when I persevered and was successful

During my P5 camp, I attempted the high element course that was about 3 stories high. It was quite challenging for me as I was afraid of heights but that did not stop me from finishing the course. I started to climb the pole up to the ropes. It was getting higher and higher like looking down from a plane, but I continued up. Minutes past and I was at the top. I began my first step on the fine ropes, hoping to cross over to the other side with anxiety. When I reach the middle, I froze. I felt like giving up then but suddenly, I heard familiar voices shouting to encourage me to go on and finish the course. I felt much relax after hearing them and decided to move on. After what seems like a million years, I finally reached the end of the ropes. A huge sense of satisfaction coursed through me as I climb down to the ground. From then on, I change my motto to "perseverance led to success".

A time when I persevered and was successful

As a Primary school student, I would always fail my shuttle run during the National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA). Every single time, I would sprint with all my energy to get the first beanbag, run back and place it, grab the second beanbag and dash across the finish line. However, even though I was fast, I was not enough to pass. Every failure would bring massive disappointments and anger at not being fast enough. Passing the shuttle run started to turn into a dream. And so, being tired of failing, I started to practice my shuttle run everyday. Be it a weekend or a weekday, I trained. I trained until I was gasping for breath and my limbs felt numb. I was determined to pass my shuttle run and I wouldn't stop training until I did. When I reached Secondary school, I was no longer afraid of the shuttle run. In fact, ever since then I've always aced my shuttle run. I was proud of myself and happy that I could turn my dream into reality.

A time when I preservered and was successful

During the 2.4km run, I started off well and breezed past the first few laps. However on the third lap, my pace started to falter and I slowed down. Beads of perspiration dotted my forehead as I continued running. On the fifth lap, it seemed that my lungs were on fire and my muscles were complaining, but I could not give up; I had to finish the run. After what seemed like eternity, the finishing line was within reach. With my last burst of energy, I sprint towards the finishing line. Seeing my timing, I beamed. I had persevered and was able to pass my run!

A Time when I Persevered and was Successful

During my student leader's election for the head and vice-head leader, I was able to overcome my stage fright. My name was announced for the candidate position for the position with five others. We were asked to stay back to practice our speech. Finally, the big day came and after the fourth candidate, it was my turn to present my speech to the whole school. My eyes were focused on the glaring stares that were on me and I stuttered as I start my speech.  My friends and teachers were calling me with a few words of encouragement as they knew I had butterflies in my stomach. Even my legs turned jelly as well. However, I  did not give up and continued my speech. Fortunately, I was able to end my speech with a loud applause.  Soon, the votes were complete and I waited for my results which I put the effort(Practicing my speech) in. I gasped in surprise when I got the Vice-Head position. From that day, I was able to stand on stage confidently.

A time when I persevered and was succesful

A time when I persevered. It was a long time ago, back when I was only 10 years old. Our NAPFA test was just around the corner, and we had to train for it. On the actual day, I was really nervous. During the run, I got tired, but I still didn't give up. Around the end of the run, I felt nauseous. The world was spinning and I felt that I was losing consciousness. I wanted to stop and give up, but I needed to make the ace. I was just about to fall flat on the ground, when my friends cheered me up. My mind was flooded with the happy moments with them. With those memories, I pushed myself to the limit and sprinted all the way to the end. Though I was exhausted, mentally, I was ready to push myself to any limit.

A time when I preservered and was successful

During my 2.4km run, I was sick. I had a mild fever. However, I still ran all the way to the finish line. Halfway through the run, I felt like puking on the ground like a water pipe gushing out water forcefully. However, Deandra and my other classmates encouraged me to go on. I took their advice and continued to run. At the last round, I told myself "I can do it!" I ran the last round at my full speed as if as I had an engine in me. As I passed the finish line, I grinned from ear to ear and all I could hear was loud phanting. Although it was difficult, I learnt that as long as we have faith in ourselves, we can do anything.

A time when I persevered and I was successful

5 years ago, I took my dance examination and got a merit award. From then on, I was determined to get a distinction. Year after year, I only got a merit and credit, but not a distinction. When I was about to lose hope, my dance friends showed me a dance show and I was inspired. From then on, I danced almost everyday in my bedroom and practiced. When the day of the examination came, my heart was in my throat, there were butterflies in my stomach. My eyes were focused on the music and my feet begin to dance. A month later, I was feeling anticipated as I got my results. As my eyes searched for my score - a distinction! I was so ecstatic as my smile stretched from ear to ear. I turned my dream into reality!

A time when I persevered and was successful

It was just last year when I persevered and turned my dream into reality. I remembered as the days were nearing, I was very nervous. I worked hard and went back to practice every two days a week.
On the day of the competition, my heart was beating furiously as I felt adrenaline race through me. I stepped into the hall with beads of perspiration dripping down my forehead. After what seemed like forever, it was my turn to play. During the competition, I gained courage and everything seemed to flow smoothly. At long last, I had finished and I waited for the results with anticipation. I was elated to hear that my school had been called for the third position and my eyes shone with delight. I was glad I managed to overcome my stress when it is near competitions.