Monday, 27 April 2015

A Time when I Persevered and was Successful

During my student leader's election for the head and vice-head leader, I was able to overcome my stage fright. My name was announced for the candidate position for the position with five others. We were asked to stay back to practice our speech. Finally, the big day came and after the fourth candidate, it was my turn to present my speech to the whole school. My eyes were focused on the glaring stares that were on me and I stuttered as I start my speech.  My friends and teachers were calling me with a few words of encouragement as they knew I had butterflies in my stomach. Even my legs turned jelly as well. However, I  did not give up and continued my speech. Fortunately, I was able to end my speech with a loud applause.  Soon, the votes were complete and I waited for my results which I put the effort(Practicing my speech) in. I gasped in surprise when I got the Vice-Head position. From that day, I was able to stand on stage confidently.

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