Tuesday, 28 April 2015

A time when I persevered and was successful

During Primary 3 , I was brought on a school trip to East Coast Park. It was to play at the playground there as a reward for doing well in exams. I only played on the seesaw and swing as the other equipments were really tall and we had to climb them. I was afraid of heights at the time and I didnt want to climb the Jungle Gym. All my friends were climbing it and I was the only one left alone at the base of the Jungle Gym. I was as still as a stone at the base of it , standing in the shadow of its grandeur. I soon mustered up the courage to scale the giant and started to climb up. I heard the cheers of my friends at the peak of the gym and I climbed faster. Time really flew as I had fun climbing it and in no time I was at the top with my friends patting me on the back , congratulating me for overcoming my fear. I felt as proud as a peacock and then decided to scale downwards.. Then I realised it was less scary climbing up than it was climbing down.

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