Monday, 27 April 2015

A time when I persevered and was successful

During my P5 camp, I attempted the high element course that was about 3 stories high. It was quite challenging for me as I was afraid of heights but that did not stop me from finishing the course. I started to climb the pole up to the ropes. It was getting higher and higher like looking down from a plane, but I continued up. Minutes past and I was at the top. I began my first step on the fine ropes, hoping to cross over to the other side with anxiety. When I reach the middle, I froze. I felt like giving up then but suddenly, I heard familiar voices shouting to encourage me to go on and finish the course. I felt much relax after hearing them and decided to move on. After what seems like a million years, I finally reached the end of the ropes. A huge sense of satisfaction coursed through me as I climb down to the ground. From then on, I change my motto to "perseverance led to success".

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