Monday, 11 May 2015

A time where I persevered and was successful

When I was P5, there was a camp that we were all required to go to called "The P5 Camp". It took place in a rather remote area at the MOE Changi Coast Adventure Centre. My classmates and I camped in an empty dormitory where bugs and flies would relentlessly attack us from every angle, in addition to the occasional passing of aeroplanes which would wake us up as soon as we almost started to sleep. We would sleep there exhaustedly after completing various tiring activities which took place during the day. At last came the day which I dreaded most. The day of the 'High Elements Course'. The High Elements course consisted of a rock climbing activity and an abseiling activity. Though I had no problem with the abseiling activity, the rock climbing was a real challenge as I knew it would be tiring. However, the word 'tiring' was an understatement as the course drained the energy out of me second by second and soon i could not carry on without huffing and puffing vigorously. As I had run out of energy, the teachers and my classmates started to cheer wildly after realising i had stopped climbing. With the sweat covering my eyes, i tried my hardest to make out where the next stones where at and continued climbing. Putting my fatigue behind me, I finally reached the top with shuddering arms and legs. I was then let down by my classmates and walked away with a gratifying sense of self-accomplishment.

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