Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Haozhi's, True Me Poem

My real name is Ong Haozhi.

A name I wish to be called is Amazing because I want to be exceptionally good at doing something.

The animal that’s inside of me is a Eagle because I want to be free like a Eagle is in the skies above us.

The object that’s inside my heart is a star  because I want planets/others to revolve around me( a very selfish thing i know) ( also impossible).

The word on my forehead is Games because I love having fun.

The sound that I love is people talking because it makes me feel as if I'm not alone.

The smell that I love is the smell of nature because it gives me hope that humanity can still protect nature and not destroy it.

My favourite time of day is __night__ because __Im at home and i feel safe and comfortable there.

My mother/father/friends/grandparents always says to me, “Study not play.”

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