Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Phua Shu Hui's True me Poem (4)

My real name is Phua Shu Hui.

A name I wish to be called is Shu Hui because I don’t like to be called by other names.

The animal that’s inside of me is an owl because I was nicknamed by my old friends as I was wise.

The object that’s inside my heart is my Family and Friends because I miss my friends and I love my family.

The word on my forehead solve it! is because I like to solve problems (Not All) .

The sound that I love is the crashing waves because they sound very calm.

The smell that I love is the School’s atmosphere because I like to be in school.

My favourite time of day is when I am on the way or at home because I get to do my favourite things and got freedom.

My parents always says to me, “Follow your own way.”

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