Monday, 19 January 2015

This is dedicated to you dear sweet teardrop,

to fill you with joy, so that your pain can stop.
I know that your pain is heavy some days,
but we are here to help in so many ways.

To bring a smile to your face,                                                                                                                                       To bring you joy to embrace,To make the pain just erase.

Telling you now that we know how you feel,
And we want to help and make your heart heal.
We all know that this will take you some time,
so we send you a poem and give you a rhyme                                                                                                        We bring a smile to your face,                                                                                                                                    We bring you joy to embrace,                                                                                                                                     We make the pain just erase.

My boys are my brothers                                                                                         Without the aid of my father and my mother.                                                                        They don’t bounce when the bullets fly.                                                                                They stand up straight when my enemies drive by                                                       Many are called friends;                                                                                                Fewer are called brothers -                                                                                              A homey who gives his life for another.
Rabbits running so very fast
In the field of green, green grass.
Sniffing for scents of snack time treats,
Hippity Hopping on their happy bunny feet.
When carrots and other foods are found
The rabbits prance and pounce. Simile:
My family is the ocean around us.

My father is the hurricane,
knocking anything and everybody out of his path.

My mother is the sunshine after the storm (my father),
clearing and calming everything else.

My oldest brother is the sand,
kicked and blown away by my dad,
but warmed with care by my mom.

My oldest sister is the breeze in the wind,
cool, quiet, and there when you need her.

My other two brothers are the stingrays,
but also willing to fight anyone who comes along.

And I,
I am an old ship at the bottom of the sea,
lost, abandoned, but full of memories.
Personification:The teapot sang as the water boiled
The ice cubes cackled in their glass
the teacups chattered to one another.
While the chairs were passing gas
The gravy gurgled merrily 
As the oil danced in a pan.
Oh my dinnertime chorus
What a lovely, lovely clan!Symbolism:

The chilly weather settles into your bones.
Those once green leaves turn
Red, yellow, orange, and brown.
CRRNCH! go the leaves,,
Beneath  your feet.
The birds fly in a victory “V” formation,
To where the sun rules the skies.
The days of winter are lurking around
Waiting to be free falling.

Free Verse:
After the Sea-Ship—after the whistling winds;
After the white-gray sails, taut to their spars and ropes,
Below, a myriad, myriad waves, hastening, lifting up their necks, 
Tending in ceaseless flow toward the track of the ship: 
Waves of the ocean, bubbling and gurgling, blithely prying,
Waves, undulating waves—liquid, uneven, emulous waves,
Toward that whirling current, laughing and buoyant, with curves, 
Where the great Vessel, sailing and tacking, displaced the surface;

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