Thursday, 15 January 2015

Thea's True Me Poem

The True Me Poem 
                                                     My real name is Thea. 

A name I wish to be called is Thea because I believe we should appreciate our names for what they are. 

The animal that’s inside of me is a cat because I’m cute to some, yet ferocious when I’m angry. 

The object that’s inside my heart is a cat because I care about those stray and abandoned kittens at many houses. 

The word on my forehead is well, a cat bite because I was playing with cats halfway and one liked me so much that it tried to lick me but ended up biting me on accident. 

The sound that I love is the sound of nature because its the sound I hear almost every day while walking to school. 

The smell that I love is cereal prawn because it is delicious and fragrant

My favourite time of day is afternoon because the weather is sunny yet cooling.

My parents always says to me, “You’re too boyish.”

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