Wednesday, 14 January 2015

True me Poem, Sarvesh 21

My real name is Sarvesh Bhargav.
A name I wish to be called because Sars because most people are unable to pronounce my name.
The animal that’s inside of me is a Dog because I am loyal to my friends.
The object that’s inside my heart is a computer because I love gaming and media designing
The word on my forehead is awesome because I am awesome!
The sound that I love is birds chirping because the sound of it is very relaxing.
The smell that I love is because food reminds me of my family .
My favourite time of day is 6.30 am because I always feel fresh and rejuvenated at this time.

My mother/father/friends/grandparents always says to me, “Get off your gadgets and be more sociable!.”

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