Tuesday, 13 January 2015

yunchuan's true me poem

My real name is zou yun chuan
A name I wish to be called is rainbow dash because i like to my little pony
The animal that’s inside of me is a goldfish because i am blur and sometimes  forgetful
The object that’s inside my heart is a plane because i cannot soar without a guide(pilot)                                 
The word on my forehead is change because i believe that i need to change to thrive in society(who moved my cheese)
The sound that I love is the sound of the song ‘i believe i can fly’ because it shows that there is hope.
The smell that I love is the smell of a clean toilet because it reminds me of the relaxing feeling when i do my no.2
My favourite time of day is 3p.m, because i can go home and watch my little pony
everybody asks me:ah boy ah,why you like my little pony?

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