Wednesday, 14 January 2015

My True Me Poem , Adam

My real name is Adam Nicholas Sutton.
A name I wish to be called is CraftedTea because that name is my online username.
The animal that’s inside of me is a dog (shiba inu) because i want to be the doge.
The object that’s inside my heart is a playing card because when it is turned over you do not know what card it is.
The word on my forehead is nothing because there is nothing on my forehead.
The sound that I love is the cracking of fire because it brings a sense of coziness.
The smell that I love is the smell of a soda because i like sodas.
My favourite time of day is when school ends because school is a major pain and i do not like it one bit.
My friends always says to me, “You what mate , one versus one me Club Penguin.”

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